Essential funeral accessories

In fact, there are very few essential funeral accessories. However, there are many that you might want to acquire. Let's start with the essentials, in an eco-responsible way.

The necessities

The shroud that envelops the body of the deceased for transport, the cremation container, ideally cardboard, in which the body is deposited to facilitate its insertion into the cremation equipment and finally, the transit box in which ashes are deposited are absolute necessities. You do not have to acquire them since everything is included in the price of a cremation.


If you are planning a funeral or a tribute ceremony, in church or elsewhere, you will need an urn. This must be chosen according to the final destination of the ashes. The choice is almost unlimited as are the prices. If you are thinking of burial in a cemetery, opt for the rental of a presentation urn. Burying an urn usually pollutes the soil because of paints, varnishes and the material used to make it, unless it is a dyed wood object, raw clay, salt , gelatin or biodegradable paper. Everhere advocates the use of ecological urns and the planting of trees in memory of the deceased.

If you are considering dispersal, you will also be able to buy a dispersion tube that makes it easier to sprinkle ashes, or a biodegradable immersion cushion that draws its contents to the bottom of the water and allows the ashes to gradually follow the current. These proven devices make things easier and prevent ashes from becoming a nuisance.

Next to the urn, you will probably want a photo enlargement of the deceased and flowers. Although it is optional, we classify them among the useful things for an adequate presentation. 

Little luxuries

Publishing the death notice in a newspaper is no longer a necessity. Now, the majority of people view online death notices or are informed of death by a site like and social networks.

The bookmarks or souvenir cards are nice to distribute. Reproducing 4 x 6 photos of the deceased person with the name and years of birth and death and a text on the back for family members and close friends can be a cheaper and popular alternative.

Reliquaries, jewelry and all other memorabilia are important, but obviously they are not essential.

Renting a ceremonial hall is sometimes necessary when there are a large number of people coming to pay homage to the deceased and his family. However, if you have the opportunity to bring people together in a place like the family home, the sugar shack, the cottage, a favorite restaurant, or any other representative place, do not hesitate to do so. This will save you money while making the ceremony more intimate and often more meaningful and memorable than a large gathering.

If you want to do things in an unforgettable way, you can also hire the services of musicians, stage artists, or present the deceased’s works. It will cost you a bit more money, but will leave a lasting memory to everyone who knew and loved this person.

Extravagant and unnecessary things

The embalming, the coffin, the exposure of the body, the funeral cortege, the big floral cushion, the price of the digging in the cemetery, the lunch for 100 people are all expenses which, these days, have become superfluous.

Of course, religious beliefs can sometimes impose this kind of practice and in this case, it is necessary to respond with the utmost respect …

For the same price, and often much less, you could organize a prestigious and meaningful event, with a special setting, interesting artistic performances and increased participation from people who have an attachment to the deceased. It’s a question of choice. 

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